Skin Care In The Air

By: Hannah Krupa

Exposing your face to germs and dryness is difficult to avoid while whisking from airport to airport. A face mask is as essential as a passport when it comes to traveling. Face-masks act as a shield and salvation from the claustrophobic environments of taxis, airports, and airplanes. A quality face mask is worth its weight in gold. After traveling to numerous cities this year, Wear We Went has set out to find the top luxury skin care products well suited for a jet set lifestyle.

LA PRAIRIE's Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask, designed for dryness and anti-aging, provides ideal nourishment and rejuvenates travel exhausted skin. With a stroke of the simple applicator brush, the light mask provides a glow on par with a luxury facial by silkening the skin with its rich ingredients.

Under-eye nourishment is always deserving of extra attention. SK-II beauty products line of eye masks and eye creams target the harmful effects to these areas. The SK-II "SIGNS EYE MASK" is perfectly sculpted to address the shape and sensitivity of the under-eye area. Simple stick on and peel off pads are ideal to leave on during a flight. This protects the skin from coming in contact with bacteria and dryness. The mask also prevents puffiness, irritation, and dark circles from forming under your eyes.

For an extra touch of hydration and glow another travel must-have is the AVEDA "Green Science Replenishing Toner." It quickly minimizes appearance of pores with just a few sprays on the face. You can step off a long flight feeling refreshed and ready to take on your next destination.

With these products you will not only arrive at your destination without the ill effects of exposure to germs and dryness, but you will also have the pleasure of silky, refreshed, and refined skin, regardless of the length and stresses of your travel. 

Written by Hannah Krupa.