La Città Della Moda: Milan

By: Mollie Snyder

When stepping foot into a historic fashion-forward city such as Milan, where high-fashion models roam the streets and mouth-watering gelato is found on every street corner, you can't help but feel chic just being there. 

La Prairie Cellular Radiance Blush kept my cheeks glowing from day to night in this glamorous city.

La Prairie Cellular Radiance Blush kept my cheeks glowing from day to night in this glamorous city.

Milan's central plaza features the 5th largest church in the world, Duomo Di Milano, which took over six centuries to actually complete. The Duomo plaza is the center of the fashion capital and features many exciting exhibitions year round, including those of Milan Fashion Week.

Just a glance away from the Duomo we stumbled into the glorious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, also known as one of the top luxury fashion destinations and oldest malls in the world. The beautiful iron and glass ceilings and masterful architecture seen throughout the structure make a shopping experience truly one of a kind. The Galleria is even home to Seven Stars Galleria, the first certified 7-star hotel in Europe. 

This year Milan has seen an explosion of culture, influence and growth mainly because of The World Expo 2015, which takes place from May 1st, 2015-October 31st, 2015. The amount of tourism and visitors in the city has allowed Milan to flourish. In the six month period during the World Expo over 140 countries participated and an estimated 20 million people have visited the exhibition. 

Milan is known for its high-quality, luxury shopping and beauty products. The Italian attention to detail is duly noted in their craftsmanship displayed in the numerous stores that fill the streets of Milan. From the plush Via Montenapoleone oasis to Via Torino's modern and contemporary clothing, your options for quality, and couture clothing is limitless.

From Milan Fashion Week, to the World Expo, to the recent EMA Awards held in Milan, it is clear that the metropolitan city is giving the world a second glance and showing millions why Milan is the ultimate travel destination for fashion, culture and beauty. 

Photography by Cristina Pertile