By: Mollie Snyder

While most people would argue Portugal is best known for its beaches, amazing food and Cristiano Ronaldo, Wear We Went begs to differ. The majestic city of Sintra is conveniently located just 30 kilometers from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal (another must-see city) and is truly one of a kind.

When we arrived in Sintra, we instantly fell in love with the magical town set among a panorama of lush hills and breath-taking views. One of the reasons Sintra is so special is the abundance of marvelous historic mansions. The Pena National Palace, known for its whimsical design and jaw-dropping views, was the first stop in our city tour. We couldn’t help but feel like royalty when we stepped inside the 19th century Summer home of the Portuguese Royal Family.


Palácio Nacional da Pena is not only considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is also one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. Every room in the Palace was carefully constructed to perfection and designed differently, making the exploration of the palace a dream come true. Even outside the castle, the property is surrounded by Pena Park,an enormous forested area that surrounds the castle, and is also great for a lovely afternoon stroll.


After just a short ten minute drive down the hill the town of Sintra awaits. The center of town, characterized by its elaborate tilework, features shopping and restaurants galore. Shopping in Sintra is amazing, especially if you are interested in purchasing items made from cork. 

 The country of Portugal, which produces about half the world output of commercial cork, sells numerous commercial cork products. We splurged on a pair of cork loafers, certainly a conversation piece. After taking a walk up the many slanted shopping streets and visiting Sintra’s beautifully designed municipality, we were officially in love with Sintra.

We wish we could say these collection of photographs do the city of Sintra justice, but it’s so spectacular that you have to see it for yourself.