Back To The Basics: Minimalist Hotel Design Around The Globe

By: Courtney Gu

From crowded subways to cluttered newsfeeds, a normal day in today’s world is much less simple than it used to be. What better way to get away from it all than to escape to a retreat that allows you to appreciate the simple luxuries in life? Wear We Went gives you the rundown on must-stay minimalist luxury hotels that offer maximum relaxation with minimum hassle.


Hualuxe Hotel

Luxury doesn’t always mean lavish. Hualuxe Hotels is a new luxury chain with plans to expand in the future, and offers calming simplicity in its decor that provides respite from the chaos of city life. It’s hard to reconnect with nature when you’re in the middle of a city filled with thousands of people, but Hualuxe does just that in cities such as Yangjiang, China - and more. The hotel utilizes elements of nature in its design, with everything from wood paneling to stone flooring and natural greenery. Its immaculate design will make you wish you never had to leave the peaceful hotel.  

H’Otello in Berlin

With crisp clean lines and sleek furnishings, this hotel is simplicity at its finest. H’Otello Berlin keeps it straightforward by offering the necessities without sacrificing luxury. The hotel keeps its amenities simple, with a bar, gym and spa so you can focus on exploring the rich culture that Berlin has to offer. The hotel also offers an intimate library, letting you relish the simple comforts of life.

Pod Hotel in Cape Town

When you’re surrounded by natural beauty, you don’t need much to complete your vacation - who needs decadent ballrooms when you’ve got a breathtaking view of Table Mountain and Camps Bay beach? Not only are the views from Pod Hotel easy on the eyes, but the hotel also ensures that its daily operations are easy on the environment. From solar panels used to help heat the water to the use of environmentally friendly chemicals in housekeeping, Pod Hotel reduces both its carbon footprint and your stress.

Hotel Indigo - St. George in Rome

Old school rustic charm on the outside, new world glamour on the inside. Contemporary meets history in this modern hotel set in Rome, with stylish architecture that provides a refreshing contrast to the ancient surroundings. Rome has always been known for its exceptional architectural details, and this hotel is no exception. Hotel Indigo will charm you with its classy simplicity. The refined but dramatic artwork displayed in the rooms makes for a powerful first impression.

Elite Eden Park Hotel-Stockholm

Sweden occupies a place of reverence in the design world, especially when it comes to architectural and furniture design. At Elite Eden, you can quite literally appreciate beautiful design from the comfort of your bed. Simple doesn’t have to be boring - in fact, this hotel brings a quirky new twist to minimalist design. You’re sure to be greeted with unexpected pops of color and fun prints wherever you go. And while the furnishings may be simple, the service is most certainly not. You can rest easy knowing you’re being taken care of by the hotel’s accommodating staff.