Artists We Love: Damien Hirst

By Courtney Gu

We like to think that lifestyle imitates art, and these establishments inspired by chic interior design and contemporary artwork are no exception.

Wear We Went’s love affair with Damien Hirst was initially sparked by his dramatic piece of work in the Faena Miami, and only grows stronger with each property fortunate enough to be graced by his touch. While no stranger to controversy, Hirst continues to create, venturing away from displaying works traditionally shown in museum exhibits to seeking more non-traditional venues for his pieces.

Faena Miami

At the Faena Miami, visually stunning extravagance greets you everywhere you walk. The no-expenses-spared lavish red and gold decor is positively posh - we would expect nothing less from film director Baz Lurhmann and his costume designer wife Catherine Martin, who conceived the design of the hotel. As the interior of Faena Miami is reminiscent of his over-the-top films, Hirst's 25-karat gold woolly mammoth skeleton fits right in. The sculpture is striking - with yellow gold glittering in the warm Miami sun flanked by swaying palm trees it fits in perfectly with the upscale crowd that passes by.


Gramercy Park Hotel

This luxe boutique hotel can be considered a work of art in and of itself, but it also features some of the top names in the art world. New York City’s Gramercy Park Hotel features eight of Hirst’s pieces. These works cover a wide range of subject matter and mediums, ranging from Oral Cancer, Light MIcrograph, made using silkscreen on canvas, to Blue for No Reason, crafted using butterflies and household gloss. With pieces by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hirst is definitely in good company.


Sexy Fish

Contemporary meets old world charm in this sophisticated yet modern London seafood restaurant. Guests dine surrounded by glimmering water features and a glossy black crocodile scaling the walls. Two bronze mermaids crafted by Hirst flank each end of the bar, seemingly right at home among the aquatic details including the coral reef ceiling mural and Frank Gehry’s Fish Lamps. The effect evokes an underwater dining experience without the need to submerge yourself.

Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of Hirst, his unique works are sure to catch your eye, and certainly add character to whatever hospitality hotspot they reside in.